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‘Without Kimberley's efforts in editing my work, I have no doubt that I would not have seen the success that I have done. Friendly, professional and with a personal touch, Kimberley can somehow take the fragmented extracts from my mind and turn them into something intelligible. I strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to polish their writing. She takes something great and makes it incredible.’ 
Phillip Richards, British Army 
Author of C.R.O.W., Lancejack, Eden and Recce 
‘Kimberley was first recommended to me through a publisher, and I struggle to express how impressed I was. She is such a professional, but gives so much more, and I have continued to use her services for a number of projects. She treats every manuscript like it is her own and her attention to detail is above and beyond. I wouldn't work with anyone else now.’ 
Annabel Kent, London 
Author of Six Minutes of Life-Changing Pilates 
‘As all authors know, the number of hours we invest in our books is beyond measure, and we need to be certain that our manuscripts are every bit as good as anything marketed out there. Kimberley shares this viewpoint and does what it takes to turn a good book into a great one. Not only have I found Kimberley very professional, communicative and accommodating, she is also able to pick up on areas I've accidentally missed. Best of all, the turnaround time on each project is always quick and her prices are very competitive. In my experience, you won't find better.’ 
Magda B Brajer, London 
Author of six books: It Really is His Fault, The Break-up Bible, The Break-up Bible 2, Make a Sales Pitch for that Man, What Smart Women Know about the Chase and Forgetting Mr Wrong, Remembering Mr Right 
‘To write a book (if you have ever tried) is a bit of a daunting task. I struggled to bring our stories to life and I knew we would need someone with a very special talent for writing – something I do not possess. Thankfully we knew a woman who had written some great articles for us for previous periodicals - all penned in the blink of an eye. She writes with such passion and was always able to capture the real us, I felt. So therefore she was our first choice. 
So we sat down with her and we talked and talked about our experiences and life in magic. And, as if by magic, she brought it all to life. So we are both truly grateful to Kimberley, and pleased that this talented lady was instrumental in ghostwriting our book.’ 
Dean Metcalfe, Northampton 
Author of Frankly Disillusioned; A True Saga of Mystery, Magic & Mayhem 
‘Kimberley has the capacity to translate and order all my waffle into something intelligible and readable. Ever the professional, she has become a friend too as over the last three years we’ve turned my incredible and often quite bonkers experiences as a bus salesman in the Philippines in the 1970s into these three books. I have nothing but praise for her work.’ 
David Wilson, Leamington Spa 
Author of Singapore Nudes and Other Such Tales, Donkeys are not Reindeer and At Least it’s not an Elephant 
‘Blessings to this beautiful girl for her patience and hard work always. Never would I use another editor as I continue to write.’ 
Faith Niyindeba, London/Rwanda 
Author of Bakame and Mahuma in the Land of a Thousand Hills, and soon to be published, The Master Plan behind the Rwanda Genocides 
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‘Kimberley is a talented editor and cover artist who nurtured and cared for my story every step of the way. I highly recommend her.’ 
A. K. Plahi 
Author of Pretty Lies & the Ugly Truth 

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