What would you like to achieve? 
Whether you are writing to leave a literary legacy for family, or hope to achieve great things, a professional edit and proofread will significantly improve the presentation of your writing and create a manuscript that is technically accurate.  
Manuscripts arrive in my in-box in various stages of completion. Some need a little work, some a lot, which is why I offer three levels of edit. 

OPTION 1: proofreading with a light edit (£10 per 1000 words) 

- Your manuscript will be checked word for word and typographical and punctuation errors will be identified and corrected 
- Spellings and usage of UK or US English will be noted, maintaining consistency throughout the document 
- I will also check grammar, and will recommend substitutions where words appear out of context or are repeated 

OPTION 2: proofreading with a medium edit (£14 per 1000 words) 

- In addition to option 1, I will also check for consistency of plot and overall cohesion of the story 
- I will look at chapter order and progression, and make suggestions where chapters are overly long or need developing or appear out of sequence 
- I will suggest rephrasing of overly long, confusing or contradictory sentences or paragraphs to improve the flow and readability of the text  

OPTION 3: proofreading with full creative edit (£18 per 1000 words) 

- This includes options 1 and 2 plus a full, creative edit where a manuscript may need reconstruction in places, attention to character or plot development, or improvement in the clarity of its overall message and delivery if a book of non-fiction  
- I will also adapt a manuscript to either UK or US English as part of this option 3 edit 
This full, creative edit turns a good book into a very good book. It is the process by which, as editor and author, we can really make a difference to your words. 

How the editing process works 

When the first edit is complete, I will return your manuscript along with my comments. You can then add notes where you agree or disagree with my suggestions, and make changes where required. 
This is a highly effective process, and the manuscript may go backwards and forwards between us many times as we hone it to brilliance. 

Ghostwriting and other services 

Many people have an amazing novel or autobiography inside them, but perhaps do not know how to put that story into words. Ghostwriting - the process by which I craft your spoken/scribbled word into a manuscript - is such an enjoyable process, and exciting too as you see your book taking shape before your eyes. 
Or perhaps you'd like to convert a section of your book into a sample script, or have a transcript that needs rewriting as a book? 
Would you like a full critique of your book, and a market appraisal? 
If you have a book in any form itching to get out, but need help to do so, get in touch at kimberley@morethan-words.com or on 07754778910 for a free consultation. 
'Kimberley, thank you for your incredible editing skills. You have turned my raw words into a beautiful finished article. Working with you has been a truly wonderful experience.' 
Neil Wilkie, Lymington 
Author of Reset: Finding a New Course After Drifting Apart 

Send me a message 

Or call UK Mobile 
'Blessings to this beautiful girl for her patience and hard work always.  
Never would I use another editor  
as I continue to write' 
Faith Niyindeba, 
London & Rwanda 
Author of Bakame and Mahuma in the Land of a Thousand Hills 
'To write a book, if you've ever tried, is a bit of a daunting task, but thankfully I knew a woman who had written some great articles for us - all penned in the blink of an eye - so we sat down with her and talked and talked.  
And, as if by magic, she brought it all to life ... We are truly grateful that this talented lady was instrumental in ghostwriting our book' 
Dean Metcalfe, Northampton 
Author of Frankly Disillusioned: A True Saga of Mystery, Magic & Mayhem 
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