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I offer three levels of professional edit: 
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What do you want to achieve? 
Whether you are writing purely to scratch an itch, or hope to achieve great things, the combination of a good story and professional proofreading and editing will significantly improve the flow of your book and create a document that is technically accurate. It is therefore important to consider a professional edit as an investment in its future, and yours as an author, whatever your motivation for writing. 
Manuscripts arrive in my inbox in various stages of completion; some need a little work, some a lot. Have a look at the three levels of edit below and drop me an email me at kimberley@morethan-words.com or call me on 01788 824577 or 07754 778910 if you feel your manuscript would benefit from a professional edit. 

OPTION 1: proofreading with light editing (£7 per 1000 words) 

- Your manuscript will be checked word for word and typographical and punctuation errors will be identified and corrected 
- Spellings and usage of UK or US English will be checked, maintaining consistency throughout the document 
- I will also check grammar and will recommend changes in word choice where words appear out of context or are repeated 

OPTION 2: proofreading with medium editing (£11 per 1000 words) 

- In addition to option 1, I will also check for consistency of narrative and dialogue, and overall cohesion of the story 
- I will look at chapter order and progression, and make suggestions where chapters are overly long or need developing or appear out of context 
- I will suggest rephrasing of overly long, confusing or contradictory sentences or paragraphs to improve the flow and readability of the text  

OPTION 3: proofreading with full creative edit (£14 per 1000 words) 

- This will include options 1 and 2 plus a full, creative edit where I will highlight whatever is confusing or inappropriate in the narrative and look at text that may be slowing down the story or alternatively need development 
- I will look at character development, and ensure that dialogue reflects the personalities of the characters 
- I will have a thorough look at the plot too and highlight any inconsistencies, or where it needs sharpening or developing 
- I will check times, dates, places and events for accuracy 
- I will also adapt a manuscript to either UK or US English as part of this option 3 edit 
- This full, creative edit turns a good book into a very good book. It is the process by which, as editor and author, we can really make a difference to your words and have them singing off the pages 

How the editing process works 

After initial contact - when we can chat about your manuscript, about your inspiration for writing and what you hope to achieve as a writer - we will agree what your book may need in terms of an edit and a price. I can then make a start, ever mindful of your voice as an author and the integrity of your story. 
I automatically correct grammar and punctuation as I go through a manuscript, and depending on the level of edit we have decided on, I will also make notes where I feel there could be beneficial tweaks to the story. (I do not use Microsoft's 'Track Changes' because it can be a complete headache, and have found that this method of editing is far simpler for both of us.) 
When this first edit is complete, I will then email the manuscript back to you along with my notes. You can then go through your first edit and make notes where you agree or disagree with my suggestions, offer suggestions of your own, and make changes to the narrative or dialogue where specified. 
This is a highly effective editing process and one that helps you, as the author, to really look at what you’ve written and how you can improve it where necessary. The edit may go backwards and forwards several times before we decide it is ready for publication and my priority, always, is that you are completely happy with your manuscript. 
My aim is to turn a book around in weeks rather than months, and will communicate throughout the process - so no waiting around for an update on your edit. 
You can email me at kimberley@morethan-words.com or call me on 01788 824 577 or 07754 778910 if you'd like to have a chat about how a professional edit can make a difference to your manuscript. 


So many people have an amazing book inside them, but many do not know how to get their novel or autobiography on to paper. Ghostwriting - the process by which I literally transcribe your spoken word into written word - is such an enjoyable process, and exciting too as you see your book taking shape before your eyes! It is a real skill as your voice must be clear; the words must echo your thoughts, not mine.  
If you have a book itching to get out, but need help to do so, this is what we can do:  
- Spend time on the phone or face to face if that is possible. I will listen to how you express yourself, what you need to say and how you need to say it 
- Read through notebooks or diaries, if they are available, or get you to draft a small piece of text in order to get a feel for your story (however haphazard!) and see how I can honour your voice and the integrity of your story 
- Send you a short passage of what can be achieved when I transcribe your thoughts into words 
- Discuss the obvious issues of how long you think your novel/autobiography will be, and time-wise, how long it will take us to achieve a first draft and put together a price 
It doesn't matter what order your thoughts or chapters arrive in as part of my job is to put them in order. Just scribble things down as memories are triggered or ideas come into your head. I will do the rest. 
Please don't hesitate to send me an email at kimberley@morethan-words.com or contact me on 01788 824577 or 07754 778910 if this is a service you'd like to discuss. 
Payment is due at the commencement of an edit. However, if it is a particularly extensive edit, I am happy to discuss terms of payment. 
Payment can be made via BACS, PayPal or cheque. I will provide details when necessary. 
'Kimberley treats every manuscript like it is her own, and her attention to detail is above and beyond. I wouldn't work with anyone else now' 
Annabel Kent, London 
Author of Pilates; the six-minute, life-changing routine 

Send me a message 

Or contact me 
UK Tel: 01788 824577 
UK Mobile: 07754 778910 
I'ntl: 44 1788 824577 
Email: kimberley@ 
'Blessings to this beautiful girl for her patience and hard work always.  
Never would I use another editor  
as I continue to write' 
Faith Niyindeba, 
London & Rwanda 
Author of Bakame and Mahuma in the Land of a Thousand Hills 
'Kimberley is a talented editor and cover artist who has nurtured and cared for my story every step of the way. I highly recommend her' 
A. K. Plahi, London 
Author of Pretty Lies  
& the Ugly Truth 
'To write a book, if you've ever tried, is a bit of a daunting task, but thankfully I knew a woman who had written some great articles for us ... all penned in the blink of an eye ... so we sat down with her and talked and talked.  
And as if by magic, she brought it all to life ... we are truly grateful that this talented lady was instrumental in ghostwriting our book' 
Dean Metcalfe, Northampton 
Author of Frankly Disillusioned; a true story of mystery, magic and mayhem 
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