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I work closely with Spiffing Covers, who create stunning books and e-books, award-winning cover designs, websites and book launch videos. 
Their commitment to helping authors get their books to market is founded on a great passion for our industry, and an understanding that your cover is the 'shop window' to your book. 
Send me a message if you'd like a free consultation about your book and how we can help. 
An invitation to facilitators, designers of learning programmes, academics and researchers to expand current thinking about what meaningful facilitation is. 
Education opens the door to the future; it allows us to choose a path. But it all depends on what choices we make. 
Don't think. Just run. The girl running for her life, she does not go unnoticed. But she is not ready to be seen... 
'You don't want to be famous? You don't have a choice.' And this time, it seems there is nowhere to run to... 
Fed up of missing out on yummy treats because of intolerances and allergies? Not anymore. 
'Flying is a way of life that wraps itself around you and enters every pore as you fall within its envelope.'  
Steve Ford 
From the smart side to the dark side of town, this is not just any old riches to rags story. 
Any Minute 
Coming Soon 
Coming in 2020 
You can contact me at or on 07754 778910, or Spiffing Covers at or on 01206 585200  
'One of the greatest gifts is a loving, fulfilling relationship. Is it possible to reignite love when love seems to be lost? Do you want to?' 
Neil Wilkie 

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