For the love of the telling 
Whether spoken, written, or acted out, telling a story is what makes us human. I am fascinated by this telling, and it has become something of a mission to understand it in all its shapes and sounds. 
I believe this has made me a far more intuitive and sensitive editor (and writer), and watching the scripts Neil asked me to create from his book come to life in the hands of professional actors, and to hear their praise for the writing, was truly great. 

'I flipping love this scene! It's brilliant!
Duncan Watkinson 
'Such great scripts to get stuck into. They're so real. Love them.
Kirsty Yates 
'Kimberley was so easy to be with. A real pleasure to work with you the day we shot the scenes.
John and Rachel's individual stories, as they come to the painful realisation that their relationship is unravelling, were captured in six short scenes, filmed in a day by Bullet Media.  
Click to view Scene 2 'Connection'. Duncan's favourite scene! (The password is bullet) 
Short videos are a fantastic way to promote your book. Contact me or Spiffing Covers if this is something you'd like to explore. 
The Human Library 
Established over 27 years ago, the Human Library is a worldwide platform for discussion on all that is prone to misunderstanding, prejudice, and even hatred, where the 'books' are individuals who choose to share their stories face-to-face with 'readers'. 
Exploring a different perspective is the catalyst to a deeper understanding of each other; an opportunity to 'unjudge someone' during a conversation we may never have expected to have. 
Through my involvement with the Human Library, my insight into the emotions and perceptions that shape the human story has deepened greatly.  
Filming with the BBC for their Sunday Morning Live feature on the Human Library 
Do you have a story? 
Whether in the form of a novel, an autobiography or biography, a script or a collection of memoirs, our stories can serve as a guide or comfort for others. 
Get in touch if I can help you tell yours. 

To Go Beneath the Water 

'For Socrates, an examined life was a thing of beauty, the thing that married wisdom with humility. Should we want for anything less?' 
To Go Beneath the Water is the story I'm currently writing; an exploration of just what it is to be a believing or a non-believing human, and the 'truths' we create to validate both sides of the debate. It is written with a light-dark touch, as a young girl beginning to see that all is not always what it appears to be.  
'We had a TV, just once. It was 1975, the year of Robin Ellis's Ross Poldark, and the year Armageddon was supposed to come. I'd never seen my captivating mother so captivated; but even to my untrained eight-year-old eye, my step-father wasn't a patch on Ross...' 
'Religion, or belief, is the ultimate debate of truth versus truth. A robed man will raise one hand to heaven, and the other to hell. One man will insist on taking your money for your sins, another will tell you've already paid the price. Still others will speak of rebirth of the soul through many lifetimes, or that we do not have a soul at all.' 
'With three days to go before filming, Kimberley was able to write six scripts that captured the emotions of the book perfectly, and gave the actors exactly what they needed to create stunning pieces of film.' 
Neil Wilkie, Lymington 
Author of Reset: Finding a new path after drifting apart  
Click to view Scene 5 'Growth'. (The password is bullet) 

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'Kimberley, your dedication and enthusiasm for this project was the driver that kept me going.  
I thank you.' 
Arthur MacCallan, London 
Author of Light out of Deep Darkness: A biography of Arthur Ferguson MacCallan, the trachoma pioneer 
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