Why use a professional editor? 

A professional edit and/or proofread will hone your manuscript to the very best it can be. It is an investment both in your work and you as its author. 

What do you need from an editor? 

—Someone who will understand the context and intent of your writing? 
—Someone who will hear and respect your unique literary 'voice'? 
—Someone who will communicate, and who you will enjoy working with? 

How can I help? 

Send me a message or call 0 (+44) 7754 778910 (I'm on WhatsApp) to arrange a free consultation, and we can have a chat about your book, what you'd like to achieve from your writing, and how I can help. 


'Without Kimberley's efforts in editing my work, I have no doubt I would not have seen the success that I have done. She somehow takes the fragmented thoughts of my mind and turns them into something intelligible. I strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to polish their writing.' 
Phillip Richards, British Army 
Author of C.R.O.W., Lancejack,  
Eden, and Recce 

Send me a message 

Or call UK Mobile 
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