'Editing is like photoshopping for words: all is smoother, brighter and sharper...' 
Why use a professional editor? 

Words are the building blocks of language, whether written or spoken, and are powerful when they are right. 
A professional proofread and edit will add gravitas to your work. It is an investment both in it, and you as the author. 

What do you need from an editor? 

-Someone who will hear and respect your voice? 
-Someone who will communicate throughout an edit? 
-Someone you will enjoy working with? 
I am not an editing automaton - I don’t just cross t's and dot i’s - but very much like to involve you as the author in what I feel is a more personable approach to editing and proofreading your manuscript. 

What happens next? 

Drop me an email at kimberley@morethan-words.com or give me a call on 01788 824577 or 07754 778910 and we can have a chat about your book, what you'd like to achieve from your writing, and how I can help. 
I can then have a thorough look at your manuscript, we can decide what it may need in terms of an edit and I will put together a price. 
If you would like to proceed with the edit, we can then discuss the finer details and how long the edit will take. I can then make a start; it's as simple as that. 

Complete formatting and publishing service from just £394 
I can also offer a complete electronic publishing service with the added benefit of print on demand (POD) in hard copy if that is something you may be interested in. Your manuscript will be fully prepared, professionally formatted to an extremely high standard, assigned a unique ISBN number and published electronically to Kindle, Kobo, EPUB, LRF, Mobi, PDB, Google Books and iBooks. Your book will also be included on the electronic publication list for Waterstones, WHSmith, Blackwells and Amazon. (If you're keen to have your book available in hard copy for purchase online and in stores such as Waterstones, a second ISBN number will be assigned for this purpose at a cost of £175.) 
Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone, or drop me an email, if there's anything at all you'd like to discuss to do with editing, cover design or publication. It can be a bit of a minefield out there, especially for new writers, so I'm always happy to help. 

'Without Kimberley's efforts in editing my work, I have no doubt I would not have seen the success that I have done. She somehow takes the fragmented thoughts of my mind and turns them into something intelligible. I strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to polish their writing' 
Phillip Richards, British Army 
Author of C.R.O.W., Lancejack, Eden and most recently, Recce 

Send me a message 

Or contact me 
UK Tel: 01788 824577 
UK Mobile: 07754 778910 
I'ntl: 44 1788 824577 
Email: kimberley@ 
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